Introduction weekend "Lovepower"

Introduction weekend "Lovepower"

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My work is often described as extra ordinary. A wonderful compliment of course. What makes it out of the ordinary has not that much to do with the methods that I use. But with the love power I have developed during many years of transformation. Diving deep into my self.

In this weekend I love to share with you how you too can use your love power in your work as a therapist, coach, trainer, manager or private life.

Years ago when I worked as a trainer/coach in business years, I experienced that the coaching, and healings techniques I was using where not able to touch the other in his/her core(issue). I also felt to be able to connect with this deeper level, I would need to develop something else: love power.

This power is able to touch hearts, to reach out to our shadows and bring them into the light. Where true transformation takes place.

During the last 7 years my work was focused on expanding this power.
The results I started to see in my work, by allowing this power to flow through it, were and are amazing. The changes en growth in the life, relationships and work of my clients are beautiful, and tangible. It is true: love heals and conquers all.

For me, now, the time feels right to share with you how to access this love power and use it in your life and work as a healer, therapist, manager, coach, trainer. So you too can experience structural change in your self and in others.

What you will learn:

  • How to teach, manage or work with greater care and connection

  • Communication with your body, mind and sou

  • Reprogramming your subconsciousness

  • Healing and coaching methods based on love

When: 12 and 13 October 2019
Location: Ibiza

Investment: 350 euro (incl 21% VAT) p.p

Early bird: 295 euro (incl 21% VAT) p.p till August 10th

Inclusive: two days course (10am - 5pm), vegetarian lunch, water, and tea
Exclusive: accommodation, ticket and insurances

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