What Liz does

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Guide and Inspirator


Since birth she have been able to feel into the thoughts and emotions of others.

Which was first a burden, but has become a true gift further on in her life. It has developed into a useful tool to guide others on their own path towards self-love and expression.

Because she has been diving deep into herself, and has faced her light and dark sides. Her energy has become strong enough to be a catalyst for others. The moment she consciously connect with the other, energy starts to move, and shift towards a higher vibration. Enabling the other to make changes, to step out of comfort zones, to BE themselves.

The combination of this catalyst energy and the ability to know and explain what is happening gives her clients the clarity and trust they need to step into their new reality.

 Photo of Liz la Force



Being born in an entrepreneur family,

it only felt natural to be an entrepreneur herself. Which brought her failures and success. The way we learn and grow in life.

The failures have learnt her the most. About perseverance, courage and self-confidence. Proceeding to fulfill her heart felt desires.

Nowadays she runs a company, Get Real in Business. Where they bring inspiration, love and wisdom to CEO’s, management, teams, and organizations.

A wonderful opportunity for her to combine her entrepreneurial background with her life experience and consciousness.

 Photo of Liz la Force

Intuitive business coach 


Gifted with well developed intuitive skills

Liz loves to teach young entrepreneurs and business leaders to develop and use their own intuition. To grow and expand  their business. While staying focussed and centered in the midst of everyday dynamics.

She reconnects them with their authenticity. Enabling them to inspire others to do the same. Bringing out the best of themselves, their team and company. 

As a mirror she is able to reflect back and give you new insights about issues you are facing. Breaking through old ideas or patterns.

She gives sessions on- and offline. 


 Photo of Liz la Force



When Liz had the age of 17 she wanted to become a drama player.

Being on stage was where she felt alive. It did not happen and she ended up studying business economics. Slight difference ;-)

But as it goes. The dream did not die. It changed a little bit. She still loves to be on stage. Not to play a role though. But to BE herself. To inspire others by sharing her experiences, anecdotes, insights and inspiration.

Liz has been told that she has the following qualities: straightforward, humoristic, vivid, down to earth, and inspirational.

Her gift allows her to tune into the main subject that all attendees, listeners share. Enabling her to give the speech that benefits all for growth and expansion.

You can inform here for the possibilities. Or invite her to come over at your meeting, event, or conference for some energy boosting and inspiration.