"Vulnerability is not a weakness. It shows immense courage and strength."




"The meditation was such an incredible breakthrough for me and I am so grateful for your healing methods and wise discussion post the session too. I really do believe you have an incredible gift in healing people and helping people to release emotions that have long been trapped inside. The day after our meditation, I felt so much lighter and clearer and connected to the universe - all the things I’d been missing after two years of intense work. 

I recommended you to many others on the remainder of our trip and I continue to do so in England too.

I hope to see you again one day and thank you again for this very special experience.ä

— Alice M.

My tree of Life. You have reconnected me with my roots again and firmly grounded them in the earth.
You have straightened my trunk and removed the broken branches.
You have helped me to remove the dry leaves so new ones can occur.

Dear Liz, thanks to you I can grow towards the sun again. And even though I know I have to water my tree myself, I am intense happy to know that when I run out of water or need extra care, you are there.

With Love, 

— Linda V.

"I can’t put into words how to thank you for such a wonderful, life changing experience. You have opened my heart to new possibilities and I am seeing the world from a very different perspective. It still feels so unreal.

You are a truly remarkable and gifted person lady. Your work is very special and I am so grateful and happy to have met you."

— Hannah S.


"What an amazing journey it was, what a heart warming process.

Liz has helped me to find the strength and the light in myself, in order to be able to move forward on a whole new level of happiness and state of being.
Helpful tips, warm words, true findings – they all passed by in the week I spend with Liz.

Having such a caring and beautiful personality around me for a week was not only a true gift; it was one of the best gifts I have ever given to myself.
As one experience says more than a thousand words, I would recommend everyone open to such an experience to visit Liz!

With lots of love and thankful heart!"

— Caroline v.d H.


"Wow, I can hardly describe what you have done for me. It means so very much to me. These words come close to my experience: “I have moved a stone in a river. The water is now flowing differently than before.....” 

You have moved a stone for me dear Liz. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You are a special, beautiful and pure human human being, Liz!"

— Sandra.

"For me was the very first time and meeting Liz was really enlightened. Her approach was very soft but at the same time incredibly intensive. Knowing your true self is a long journey sometimes
quite hard but this is the only possible way to reach your heart."

— Elena M.