“We all wish to feel love(d)

”Everybody wishes to feel love(d). It does not matter if you are a man or a woman. The need to feel love(d) lies in us all. As well as the need to connect with others and to create. It is what makes us human.


But the interesting thing is that we did not really learn about all of this at school.

We did learn the skills to earn our income. But without knowing how to put love into our lives, we are surviving in this world. Which makes us feel depressed, unhappy, empty, a victim, lonely, burnout etc. Because deep down inside we know that we are meant to be happy.

Liz La Force, the founder of the Love4Life Academy, has known since a young age that she came here to teach about love. In the last decades she dis-covered her own self-love through life experiences and working in her own practice and retreats as an intuitive coach & healer. Which awakened the dream to start this academy. Her next step towards further growth and development.

At the Love4Life Academy we teach you all you need to know to:

  • Be self-confident

  • Express your beautiful self

  • To manifest your dreams


Our LOVE4LIFE ACADEMY has different modules.

The Love4Life Academy offers different creative workshops (for example dance, singer song writing, improvisation theatre) in a 3 months program.

Of course you can also book a private session with Liz when you wish to dive deeper into a subject and/or yourself.


At our LOVE4LIFE ACADEMY we work very intuitively.

Our vision:

To build a center where millenials (18-26 years old) can discover themselves and learn how they can implement their qualities in their daily life, work and relationships for a happy, healthy and abundant life

Our mission:

To reconnect as much millenials as possible with (self)knowledge, confidence and self expression. So they have healthy relationships and find purpose in life. Being the change they wish to see in this world.


Our goals for 2020

  • .Start classes January 2020

  • By the end of 2020 have more groups next to each other running the 3 months course

  • Finding our own place before January 2021

Our target group:

You, age 18 -26 year old who wishes to know yourself, feel self confidence and free to express your unique self and talents. We will start with a Dutch group first, but are open for an international (English) group too.

10% of our profit will go to a fund, that will provide the same courses to youngsters that are not able to pay for this themselves. We will cooperate with an existing Dutch NGO.


Love4Life Academy workshops



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Improvisation theatre

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Singer Song writing

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Intuitive art/painting

More info follows soon