“We all wish to feel love(d)

”Everybody wishes to feel love(d). It does not matter if you are a man or a woman. The need to feel love(d) lies in us all. As well as the need to connect with others and to create. It is what makes us human.


But the interesting thing is that we did not really learn about all of this at school.

We did learn the skills we need to earn our income. But without knowing how to put love into our lives, we are surviving in this world. Which makes us feel depressed, unhappy, empty, a victim, lonely, burnout etc. Because deep down inside we know that we are meant to be happy.

Liz La Force, the founder of the Love4Life Academy, has known since a young age that she came here to teach about love. In the last decades she dis-covered her own self-love through life experiences and working in her own practice and retreats as a intuitive coach & healer. Which awakened the dream to start this academy. Her next step towards further growth and development.

At the Love4Life Academy we teach you all you need to know to:

  • Be happy

  • Be(come) your own leader, master and most important yourself.

  • Be able to navigate the waves of life.

  • Stay heart centered during life’s ups and downs.

  • Create healthy and happy relationships.

  • Find your purpose and share your love and talents with this world.

  • Make the change(s) you wish to see in your life.


Our LOVE4LIFE ACADEMY has different modules.

The Love4Life Academy offers different workshops and events. At different locations in Europe. But also on invite in companies and at private and public events.

In September 2019 we will start with a 3 day’s “Love4Life teacher training” which will help you to deepen your work. Bringing more love and wisdom into it. Which will benefit your practice and trainings and your clients and participants.

We are happy to advise you when you need help with your choice. Just book a free skype call here.

Once a month there is a webinar where exercises, meditations will be shared and (life)questions that arise, after the workshops, answered.

Of course you can also book a private session with Liz when you wish to dive deeper into a subject and/or yourself.


At our LOVE4LIFE ACADEMY we work very intuitively.

Making sure that what I teach connects with your inner needs. I use our ability to tune into our participants with our intuition and different teaching methods: Healing, coaching, guided mediations, improvisation, games, storytelling and creative expression forms.

Everything is based upon my own experience of life and setting up businesses. Although I will share some theory. Most will be taught by experience. For it is by experience, that we understand best how things works and can start to implement it in our life, and work.

Liz has gone through her own experience of the subject she teaches. Due to her own life experience she is capable of sharing the teachings in a down to earth and practical way.

Our vision:

To build a center where people can experience (self)love and learn how they can implement this love in their daily life, work and relationships for a happy, healthy and abundant life.

Our mission:

To reconnect as much people as possible with (self)love. So they have healthy relationships and find purpose in life. Being the change they wish to see in this world.


Our goals for 2019

  • Beginning of March 2019 to put this academy in the worldwide market and to create brand awareness/resonance.

  • Mid April 2019 start of our 1/2 day workshops on Ibiza and in Amsterdam

  • September 2019 start of our Teach the Teacher training

  • By the end of 2020 have the full range of workshops running in several countries.

Our target group:

You, who wishes to reconnect deeper with your self to empower your life, relationships and work. We love to have international, intercultural and inter-societal participants from all parts of the world. For we believe you can learn a lot by reconnecting with unity in diversity.

10% of our profit will go to a fund, that will provide the same courses to youngsters that are not able to pay for this themselves. We will cooperate with an existing Dutch NGO.


Love4Life Academy workshops



It all starts with self-love. Opening our heart. Once we are in love with ourselves again we start to walk our own path. Express ourselves freely and attract what we need to fulfil our dream(s). This workshop teaches you ways to open your heart for life as it is now. Based upon my own experiences during the years of practicing love in action.

  • How to love yourself completely

  • Body, mind and soul interconnection

  • Becoming the observer of your thoughts, emotions and actions

  • Why your heart is the center of your universe

  • Conditional versus unconditional love



When we practice self-love healing often occurs spontaneously. Nevertheless, it is useful to know different methods and tools for self-healing. Which we teach you in this workshop. So you can stay present with whatever occurs and take care and nurture it when it does.

  • Opening the heart: the first step in self-healing

  • De-blocking emotions: reprogramming the emotions and - beliefs that do no longer serve you.

  • Learning the symbolic language of your body, mind and soul

  • Opposing patterns in ourselves: for example: the codependent one and the independent one.

  • Intuitive development: Your intuition as your guide



We all have relationships with our spouse, friends, family or colleagues. But we hardly learnt how to connect in a healthy supportive way with each other. From heart to heart. While staying centered in our own energy and uniqueness. Often we lose ourselves in a relationship, hurt ourselves and/or the other. Therefor this workshop teaches you (and your partner) how you can create a healthy relationship, where love, and mutual respect are present.

  • Relationship dynamics and patterns: Why opposites attract and practical insights to break through disturbing patterns to uplift your relationship(s).

  • Commitment issues

  • Communication from the heart during stress- or painful communications

  • Learn how to love unconditionally while having and setting clear boundaries

  • Projections: We often (unconsciously) project our emotions and ideas upon the other. Which causes unnecessary noise in our communication.




We all are creators. When we reconnect with our self-love we start to feel our purpose again. In this workshop we show you how the manifestation cycle works. So you will be able to manifest your dream. Whatever that dream may be.

  • Reconnection with your purpose: We all have a purpose for life. Discover yours.

  • SWOF: what are your strengths, weaknesses, the opportunities and fears. Once we get to know our friends and inner enemies. We can reach for whatever we dream of.

  • Writing a (business) plan including your mission, vision and values

  • Authentic expression: Being authentic is such a strong (marketing) tool. You learn how to be authentic in your marketing or self-expression.


training course

Teach the trainer

This course is especially developed for trainers, coaches, (yoga/mindfulness) teachers, therapists and others who wish to deepen their practice. You, when you are ready to integrate more love in your work. Which will empower you and your work.

What you will learn:

  • How to hold space

  • Use of your extra sensory abilities

  • Healing through communication with body, mind and soul

  • Heart to Heart connection with your clients

  • Surrendering and opening up to (self) love

  • Intuitive Coaching skills

  • Reprogramming of your subconsciousness

  • Different healing and meditation techniques

  • Less (work) is more

General info workshops

Each workshop I will tune into the group to feel and know what is exactly needed for you to learn and heal. My years long experience in intuitive healing and teaching gives me the ability to create a workshop that suits you best to reconnect with themselves in that moment.

I like to keep the classes small and intimate. It is how I work best but I also have noticed during the years of practice, that this works very well for you too. So the group will be 6-10 persons.

This spring and summer I organize ½ day workshops on Ibiza and customized workshops on request in the Netherlands and Europe. See our agenda.

More info or booking of our Teach the Teacher training course here.