Wisdom of a tree

Wisdom of a tree

This old olive tree has seen a lot of events passing by

Yet it is still there

Firm and strong

As if nothing happened


It receives and gives love daily

Getting food from mother earth and father sky

Providing shade and fresh air

And when its time has come it will provide wood to lit a fire

or to build a house or furniture


It knows its purpose and lives it peacefully


We human beings often fight

against this kind of simplicity

We try to be what we are not

Judge what we do or what others do


When we can reconnect with our purpose

by integrating all of the shattered pieces in the Self

feeling the joy for life

we can experience the same acceptance and self-love as the tree

because we know we are true to ourselves and our purpose


We no longer fight ourselves

We surrender and let go

Of all the ideas, often opposed upon us,

and start to act in accordance with our Self


But this is easier said than done

Since the parts/pieces in us that got disconnected from the Self

Do firmly believe that they need to fight to survive


How to bring those pieces to peace?


Well you need to first accept all of you, all the pieces

Take the time and have the patience & love

to hear and see them as they are

To develop compassion for them

For it is compassion that will make them integrate into the Self


Sometimes you will need some guidance along this path

Feel free to ask for it


Bringing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body

back in alignment, will make you a master of your life again!


Stay with me

Stay with me

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