The war child

The war child

Sometimes when we grew up in a surrounding 

that felt unsafe or unsupportive or even when we did not

but our (grand)parents had this experience

We carry this feeling/memory in our cells 


Each day entering the world with this feeling, 

Can make you feel like you are (still) in a warzone

Feeling alone

Shattered, unsafe, unwelcome even


To survive and/or deal with this feeling you start to defend yourself

Creating survival mechanisms

That will keep you from getting hurt 


You work hard to keep control

Feeling exhausted or ill sometimes

But you do not know what else to do


Since by covering yourself up

Closing your heart

You disconnected yourself from (self)love

Your healing guide


Then one day love enters your heart 

Unexpectedly, because love knows its ways


The pain and fears you have been capturing inside

Start to come out

Your defenses and control fall apart


Finally you surrender

You bend deep

And break


At this breaking point you meet yourself again

Your parents, your family, your friends, your community, your so called allies

Well all that you imagined being the cause of your pain


Only to realize that it was your closed heart

that kept your pains captured inside and made 

you feel so alone


For in reality you have never been and will never be alone

Love was, is and has always been (t)here

Free love

Free love

Our chakra system

Our chakra system