The Nun and the Duchess

The Nun and the Duchess

The nun (monk for men) represents a part in us that thinks she needs to give up her ego to surrender to go

She wishes to live a sober life

Serving others by mostly giving

In devotion to the one, often worshipped in a certain form

Living away from the temptations of daily (city)life

The Duchess (Duke for men) represents a part in us that loves an abundant life style

Embraces luxury and money

Is devoted to serving others

She uses her money and influence

to make changes in life

She enjoys the mundane life

Both have the same goal: serving others

Yet the how they choose to do so differs

Which at the perceptive of the Universe

Does not make a difference

There is not judgement or any idea

of better or worse

As long as we are choosing for a life

That makes us feel happy

Bringing along a high vibration

that will enable us to fulfill our purpose or goal

So no matter if you feel like you wish to live as a nun

In solitude, sober and perhaps even celibatair

Or as a duchess, surrounded by glitter and glamour

Wealth, a husband, lover and/or kids

It does not matter to the Universe

What does matter is your intention

Your wish to explore your self

To live a life that makes you feel happy

Alive and vibrant

Are you living that kind of life?

Or are you captured in one aspect of this or another spectrum?

Thinking or believing this is the only truth worth living?

If so, try to connect what idea or belief is holding you there

Visualize the opposite spectrum and feel the emotion(s) coming up

Resistance, fear, joy etc.

What are they telling you?

Explore the other end to break yourself free

For we are not meant to be stuck in any belief or part of our selves

We are meant to fly free

Exploring all parts and dimensions in ourselves

To be feel fully alive

To expand and grow

Vormen van eenzaamheid

Vormen van eenzaamheid

Making life into one long holiday

Making life into one long holiday