The girl in the supermarket

The girl in the supermarket

When I enter the supermarket I am approached by a girl

If I am interested in a new green energy provider

Yes, I am but will do it online is my response

I did already hear about this company: van de Bron

And are sincerely interested in them


I walk away from the girl

Feeling her disappointment and her energy dropping

After having done some shopping

I see her standing alone

No way she is going to get any lead or deal today


Then I start to feel this pull

My heart reaching out to here

I approach her this time

And tell her I do wish to hear her story

Which she starts to share


Happy to be heard

This is my second day

Yes, I say I noticed your discomfort in standing here

“Am I going to be your first deal?”: I ask

Yes, she says with a huge smile on her face

I smile back, feeling very happy I did take the time


To approach her

To do this in person instead of online

To let her feel she is valuable

To re encourage her to keep up the good work

How did you know I was feeling like this, she asks

Well that is my work and talent, I respond


When I leave the store I see her talking enthusiastically with another potential customer



To be or not to be

To be or not to be

Your own path

Your own path