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Oops, there I go again

Then it happens though: they are triggered and a deep emotion pops up
Which brings them totally back into your body
The body can at that moment be experienced as a very dense vehicle
After having connected with your spirit
It often makes you feel depressed

Born as a savior or not?

When I took a closer look I dis-covered that this aspect was the root of a belief that was telling this person she needed to save others/the world. Coming out of guilt. On the other side, I saw a belief that told her she needed to be saved by the other, the prince, the spiritual saint etc.

The inner marriage

A client has been growing up in an environment where the mother was constantly pleasing the father. Who as a character was more dominant. Adjusting herself to his needs, putting aside her own. Afraid for the consequences when she would stand up. Addicted to his love. At the expense of her self love.