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Being strong or vulnerable?

When I was switching from primary to secondary school, I made a decision. I was no longer going to be who I was so far.
This new start would bring along a new me. One that no longer was going to be bullied. One that was strong(er), untouchable.

It was the moment I step away from my authenticity.

Ready to sail

The host who was clairvoyant. Told me he "saw" that I had built a big ship, that was almost ready to sail. It was only missing one thing.  I asked him what? But he responded that I already knew inside of me, so he was not going to tell me

Oops, there I go again

Then it happens though: they are triggered and a deep emotion pops up
Which brings them totally back into your body
The body can at that moment be experienced as a very dense vehicle
After having connected with your spirit
It often makes you feel depressed

Wisdom of a tree

By integrating all of the shattered pieces in the Self

feeling the joy for life

we can experience the same acceptance and self-love as the tree

because we know we are true to ourselves and our purpose

The war child

Sometimes when we grew up in a surrounding 

that felt unsafe or unsupportive or even when we did not

but our (grand)parents had this experience

We carry this feeling/memory in our cells