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Being strong or vulnerable?

When I was switching from primary to secondary school, I made a decision. I was no longer going to be who I was so far.
This new start would bring along a new me. One that no longer was going to be bullied. One that was strong(er), untouchable.

It was the moment I step away from my authenticity.

My surrender

That was the moment I started to surrender. It changed my life. Since then I have been guided all over the planet. Always receiving in the moment what I need. To fully align with this purpose. Oh yes, i not always could receive this guidance. Thinking I needed to interfere. Sometimes it first needed to get rough, until I was willing to let go of my resistance to surrender. 

Is inner child protection needed?

You started to build a fence or a wall

From the first time you felt your inner child was in danger

You wanted to protect it

Which was a noble thought

But by building your fence

You also shut out the beauty of your inner child

Its vulnerability, spontaneity, love, curiosity

Our chakra system

When we are not present with our energy in our chakra’s they start to dysfunction. You can see them as wheels, that have a certain pace. When they do not function well they can start to turn quicker or slower. Causing all kinds of emotional, physical and mental illness or discomforts.