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Love and boundaries

The landscape I was driving through reminded me of the liver. An organ that has played and I reckon will play an important part in my life. Having had many immune system disorders in my life time. But mostly having to deal with the emotional aspect of the liver: feeling and expressing anger in a healthy way. Experiencing and setting boundaries. Not being able to do this, caused the illnesses. At least that is how I see it. 

Stay with me

Many carry either a fear of abandonment or an addiction to love inside of them. Often both. Since both are just different sides of the same coin. Coming from a deep need for love and the pain of not having felt it as a child. 

Free love

Your relationship(s) were never meant to be prisons
They are there to set you and the other free

To create a (love)space where you both can learn
about yourself, life, the other
Exploring playfully

The inner marriage

A client has been growing up in an environment where the mother was constantly pleasing the father. Who as a character was more dominant. Adjusting herself to his needs, putting aside her own. Afraid for the consequences when she would stand up. Addicted to his love. At the expense of her self love.