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When I came to the front part of her body after releasing energy and allowing it to flow again in her back
The energy felt frozen
Not just a tiny bit but completely

So I stopped doing what I was doing
Not wishing to push or force anything
And started a conversation with the client

Our wounds are portals

After that announcement I fell and had an hole/wound in my forehead which still shows a scar.

They say our wounds and scars are openings to our true selves. In this case it was a wound that would lead me back to my humanity. Making me aware of my body, by the hole in my forehead.

Being strong or vulnerable?

When I was switching from primary to secondary school, I made a decision. I was no longer going to be who I was so far.
This new start would bring along a new me. One that no longer was going to be bullied. One that was strong(er), untouchable.

It was the moment I step away from my authenticity.