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When I came to the front part of her body after releasing energy and allowing it to flow again in her back
The energy felt frozen
Not just a tiny bit but completely

So I stopped doing what I was doing
Not wishing to push or force anything
And started a conversation with the client

Our wounds are portals

After that announcement I fell and had an hole/wound in my forehead which still shows a scar.

They say our wounds and scars are openings to our true selves. In this case it was a wound that would lead me back to my humanity. Making me aware of my body, by the hole in my forehead.

Ready to sail

The host who was clairvoyant. Told me he "saw" that I had built a big ship, that was almost ready to sail. It was only missing one thing.  I asked him what? But he responded that I already knew inside of me, so he was not going to tell me