Is inner child protection needed?

Is inner child protection needed?

You started to build a fence or a wall

From the first time you felt your inner child was in danger

You wanted to protect it

Which was a noble thought

But by building your fence

You also shut out the beauty of your inner child

Its vulnerability, spontaneity, love, curiosity


Sometimes when someone or something comes through your wall

It makes you feel. All of these emotions. 

But not for long. You work hard to close the wall again.

Since that is what you have promised your inner child: protection

You feel this burden. This responsibility. And although it weighs heavily upon your shoulders,

you keep your promise.


It is hard work though to keep those walls up.

To defend and be alert all the time.

You feel exhausted. You wish you could go back

Being that spontaneous child again

Free, happy, playful

But you have no idea how anymore

So you keep defending your self-built fortress


Until there comes this moment where you are too tired to keep the defense up

Walls start to fall down. Light starts to come in.

When that moment comes.

Feel. Simply feel.

Feel all. Since that is what life is about.

Experiencing all of its forces. 


While on the background there is this stillness

The observer of all

An anchor in the midst of chaos

Our inner child is connected to that anchor

You could say it is the doorway to that anchor

A doorway that was blocked by your defense.


But it can be trespassed again, now that you have let go

To find the protection, guidance, love, safety, etc.

You were trying to create your self

Reconnected with this anchor you realize 

your inner child was always protected 

even when you thought it was not

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