Post healing phase

Post healing phase

When you have gone through a healing

you may become aware of a vulnerability

Since one or more of your mask has gone

With the healing


You may even feel like a baby or little child

So fragile, so open, so new

There is different types of healing of course

But when we heal on a deep emotional level

We may experience a so called rebirth

Bringing along with it feelings of openness, vulnerability, 

not knowing how to relate to the world 


All very natural because you have been reborn on a certain level

That part in you is feeling like a new born

And also needs to be taken care like that

So be tender, loving with yourself

Do not push yourself back in life

Think of a baby, what does it need just after birth?


Yes food and the love of its parents

So give yourself the right food, physically, emotionally, mentally

And hold yourself like warm hearted parents would do

Even rock yourself if that is needed

Nothing strange here

The time will come when you feel you are ready again to

step into the world

The new energy will be integrated in your system and no longer feel

so vulnerable

Although like a new born you may need to learn how to walk on this planet again

Because things may have changed


But no worries, again with love and care you will be fine

Even better than before, more authentic

More real. More loving. More vibrant

Life's challenges

Life's challenges

I see you too

I see you too