Our chakra system

Our chakra system

In the beginning of my life I experienced a lot of unsafety. Which made me subconsciously decide to hide there were I felt most comfortable. In other dimensions. My higher chakra’s.

Until at the age of 24 I collapsed. Or at least my body did. Now with the knowledge I have I totally understand why. But at that time it came as a shock.

When we are not present with our energy in our chakra’s they start to dysfunction.You can see them as wheels, that have a certain pace. When they do not function well they can start to turn quicker or slower. Causing all kinds of emotional, physical and mental illness or discomforts.

In my case my escape from my lower chakra’s had a price. My body stopped. Literally. I was bed bound for years. This is by the way quite extreme, normally there will be less severe symptoms telling you something is “wrong”.

When we feel unsafe as a child, there is not much we can do. We cannot move out. We are depended of our parents, our environment. What we can do is escape into a phantasy world to create a safer place, or like me go out of body to visit other dimensions. We also often start to develop behavior that makes us feel safer. Running away from our vulnerability. Creating an image of ourselves that makes others perceive us as strong(er) and perhaps even fearful. But these behavioral patterns are survival mechanism.

What I learnt on my way back to my vulnerability is that to live fully on this planet,  in this body it is important to connect with the whole spectrum of it.

Although I do believe we all have our preferences. Being in the higher or lower chakra’s, it is unhealthy to neglect or escape the “other” side. We are here to create heaven on earth.

And we can only do this by reconnecting heaven and earth.  The immaterial with material world. Bringing the formless (inspiration, ideas, dreams) into form.

The interesting thing is that both are reflections of each other. Where we often separate them. Only see their differences. When you look closer you start to see that behind both is the same energy source. Our heart being the connector of the lower and higher chakra’s.

Our heart representing (un)conditional love. The dimension, chakra where we can experience opposites without judgements, embracing them all. Understanding their purpose.

It is why in these times it is so important to open our hearts. To allow all the pain captured inside of it to flow out. To expand our ability to love ourselves. To be able to look into our higher or lower chakra’s. Depending on which ones need our attention the most now.

For some this will be exploring the higher chakra’s by taking courses or reading about intuition, meditation, non-violent communication etc. Others, especially the ones who sought refuge in the higher chakra’s out of a fear of life, can dive deeper into their lower chakra’s. Embracing materialistic life. Enjoying the food, sex, physical work outs, nature, building or creating a house etc.

There is no such thing as spiritual and non -spiritual. All is spiritual. All is life(energy) flowing. Forever changing. Forever moving. Forever present.

You came her to love your self...completely.  A process that will release your fears for life. And bring you back home. 




The war child

The war child

Authentiek ondernemen

Authentiek ondernemen