No Hurry, no worry

No Hurry, no worry

A client comes in…sweaty…

She has been hurrying to get here


I can feel her body is here already

But her energy/soul is still catching up


So I connect them first before I start the session

Since without our energy/soul in our body

We can not feel what is here NOW


I do notice since I am back in the Netherlands

How the tempo of daily life lies so much higher

Than on Ibiza


We seem to be in a constant hurry to get somewhere

Where? Why?


Where are we running to?

Or from?


This moment captures all we need

Shows us all we need to know

Can give us all we can receive


Yet we run, loose loads of energy and get disconnected

from what we think to reach over there: ABUNDANCE, LOVE, PEACE

But which is already here

High sensitive persons

High sensitive persons

F*ck the happiness syndrome

F*ck the happiness syndrome