I see you

I see you


When you feel like you are not seen

It is painful

For all of us have a need to be seen, felt, heard


Often as a reaction to this pain you hide or run away

Making it hard to see yourself

Since that acquires to be present here and now


Which brings you in a vicious cycle

No longer able to be seen and to see

Increasing the pain and patterns


What does it take to (be) see(n) again

Well first of all to acknowledge that you are in pain

That right now you are shutting yourself of


Blind to see what is there

Connected with a past experience

that made you believe that love is not there for you


But it is, you “only” need to open your eyes again

So for a moment just sit and feel

Your body, your breath


Take a few deep breaths

Feel your body on the chair or bed

You see you are already seeing


Right NOW

For this is seeing

Connecting with yourself


Becoming aware of yourself

Allowing yourself to be here

Being present with all that is present


The moment you start to see yourself

To love yourself as you are here and now

Is the moment others will also start to see you


For that is the moment your heart opens

and your light starts to shine through

making it hard for others not to see you

I see you too

I see you too

How your no, can be a big YES!

How your no, can be a big YES!