High sensitive persons

High sensitive persons

Many highly sensitive people that come to me for a healing, ask me how to become less sensitive.

Where my suggestion is dare to dive deeper into it.


What does it mean to be highly sensitive.

It means your senses are open, awake and receptive for information.

Sometimes this information can overload the nerve system.


When there is resistance to you being you, this will happen more often than when you accept yourself and take care of what you as a HSP needs.

Your vulnerability is not a weakness. It is not a burden.


It is you being alive….living and experiences full, open and receptive.

Instead of being a living dead already.


And yes it may often seem as if you are the crazy one, the misfit

But you are not.

You are the one that is choosing to be here NOW.


Completely fully embodying your soul.

You are taking the risk to feel the whole spectrum of your emotions.

Because you know it is worth every step.


You are the courageous one. The one that dares to follow his own path.

And yes you will feel vulnerable. As a matter a fact it will become even more intense while you progress on this path of liberation.

But you will also feel more grounded in you being you.


Becoming more centered. Able to feel all of these emotions and feelings, to taste them, to greet them, to observe them, to experience them. And to see them passing by….as they are not permanent.

Allowing your vulnerability to be your strength, your teacher, your lover, your friend.

Instead of this enemy you need to conquer.

Burn out

Burn out

No Hurry, no worry

No Hurry, no worry