F*ck the happiness syndrome

F*ck the happiness syndrome

Ok I am mostly mild in my words

But this time I have a feeling I need to be stronger in my expression


I see and speak many people in my practice

Thinking they are crazy or getting crazy

Because they feel other emotions than happiness


Have a mind that is noisy

Instead of being peacefull


They are on this awakening path

Like you are probably when you read this


They try to hold on to what they hear and read

About this path

But they get lost by doing so


Where there are many truths and mine is just one of it

I am going to plead here for something


Can we please let go of the illusion of the happiness syndrome

This path of awakening is not about being happy all the time


This path is about dis-covering truth

It can be rocky, wild and painful by times

It goes through suffering not around it


It is not about becoming someone

It is about being you

Just the way you are NOW


It is an unknown path

For no one has walked your path yet


And although it can be encouraging to read or hear about someone

Else’s path, you will need to find your own

By trial and error


You are not getting crazy

You are not a misfit

When you are feeling pain, chaos or any other emotion right now


Know that you are on your way

You are not the movements and shifts that take place

Inside of you

Nor the voices that are screaming out for help


You can love it all though

Do not bypass what you feel right now

Be with it as good as you can


Hold it, love it, embrace it

Then let go

For what you are goes beyond all of this

And only by destruction of what you think you are

Causing the chaos or disturbance you experience right now

Can you reconnect with your true self


You are a hero

When you dare to feel this uneasiness


The path of truth may not bring you instant happiness

It will bring you eternal bliss

No Hurry, no worry

No Hurry, no worry

Self Acceptance

Self Acceptance