All in Self Mastery

Vormen van eenzaamheid

Alhoewel beide vormen op elkaar lijken
Komen ze uit totaal andere belevingen voort
De eerste komt voort uit sluiten hart en afsluiten van liefde
De tweede kan alleen dan ontstaan wanneer we juist ons hart openen
En de liefde die daar in ligt, toestaan vrij te stromen

Our wounds are portals

After that announcement I fell and had an hole/wound in my forehead which still shows a scar.

They say our wounds and scars are openings to our true selves. In this case it was a wound that would lead me back to my humanity. Making me aware of my body, by the hole in my forehead.

Born as a savior or not?

When I took a closer look I dis-covered that this aspect was the root of a belief that was telling this person she needed to save others/the world. Coming out of guilt. On the other side, I saw a belief that told her she needed to be saved by the other, the prince, the spiritual saint etc.