Ready to sail

The host who was clairvoyant. Told me he "saw" that I had built a big ship, that was almost ready to sail. It was only missing one thing.  I asked him what? But he responded that I already knew inside of me, so he was not going to tell me

Get real about your emotions

While I am staying at one of the most beautiful places on this planet
Feelings of disappointment come up
My mind kicks in and tells me I need to be grateful
“Look at where you are” it says
Wishing me to bypass the feeling for a more joyful one


It is true that head, heart and hands need to be aligned to manifest our dreams....but let us not forget the hara in this line up..for it is (t)here where our true power the Chinese already said..they call it Dan Tien..our energy center

Oops, there I go again

Then it happens though: they are triggered and a deep emotion pops up
Which brings them totally back into your body
The body can at that moment be experienced as a very dense vehicle
After having connected with your spirit
It often makes you feel depressed

The cover up (Dutch blog)

Zij verwacht duidelijk dat ik haar een soort van lijst ga geven waar ze mee verder kan. Maar dat is dus niet hoe ik werk. Ik stem me op iemand af, en begin dan informatie te zien, horen of voelen die relevant is voor dit moment. In haar geval zie ik allereerst iemand die uber perfectionistisch is en alles heel goed onder controle heeft.

Safety first

Until all collapsed and I needed to start dealing with being here now
Discovering how to be safe not by running or hiding but by getting to know all of my self and learning how to take care of me.