Stay with me

Many carry either a fear of abandonment or an addiction to love inside of them. Often both. Since both are just different sides of the same coin. Coming from a deep need for love and the pain of not having felt it as a child. 

Wisdom of a tree

By integrating all of the shattered pieces in the Self

feeling the joy for life

we can experience the same acceptance and self-love as the tree

because we know we are true to ourselves and our purpose

Free love

Your relationship(s) were never meant to be prisons
They are there to set you and the other free

To create a (love)space where you both can learn
about yourself, life, the other
Exploring playfully

The war child

Sometimes when we grew up in a surrounding 

that felt unsafe or unsupportive or even when we did not

but our (grand)parents had this experience

We carry this feeling/memory in our cells 

Our chakra system

When we are not present with our energy in our chakra’s they start to dysfunction. You can see them as wheels, that have a certain pace. When they do not function well they can start to turn quicker or slower. Causing all kinds of emotional, physical and mental illness or discomforts.