"There is nothing in life that makes me more happy, than to see others light up"


Liz works as an intuitive teacher and healer on Ibiza and in the Netherlands. She works with individuals, teams and organizations. Sharing her love and wisdom in workshops, retreats and sessions. Off- and online.


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"Liz's dream shows a world where people feel free to be themselves"


The four roles Liz plays nowadays are: 

Inspirational healer and teacher

Since Liz's birth, she has been able to feel into the thoughts and emotions of others. She learnt to use this talent to reconnect others with their core and potential. To live a joyful, and successful life.


When Liz was the age of 17 she wanted to become a drama player. Being on stage was where she felt alive. It didn’t happen. Until a few years ago, when she went back on stage. This time to give vivid inspirational talks about self-love, relationships and authentic leadership.


Intuitive business coach

Liz teaches young entrepreneurs and business leaders to develop and use their intuition in their business while keeping their eyes on their goal. 


Being born in an entrepreneur family it only felt natural to be an entrepreneur herself. She had divers business, both successes and failures. Currently sfhe has founded the Love4Life Academy and runs Get Real in Business. A company that focuses on greatness in business. 


Liz's Story

Liz was born into a, by generations, entrepreneurial family, in a little village in the southern part of the Netherlands. No wonder she has been an entrepreneur herself most of her life. It is in her blood.


“We all carry greatness inside of us waiting to be awakened”

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What do others see in Liz?

Loving, inspiring, down to earth, multidimensional, professional, sincere and open minded.