Individual Power Sessions



Next to inspirational guidance, my power sessions include transformative healing. Creating the space where you can become aware of your full potential and when necessary look at the blockages that are still covering it up. To be able to create a fulfilling, happy and prosperous life.

These sessions are open to all, who feel the desire to grow and expand.




inspirational Guidance

During my sessions, I listen with my heart and ask the questions that come to me while listening. These questions will eventually lead to the answers inside of yourself. Inside of all of us there is this enormous source of love and wisdom. Some call it our core, others call it god, and others call it the universe. No matter what we call it, it is there waiting for us to align with our highest purpose.

It is like our compass. Without it, life can be a jungle. With it, you start to find your own path and create your (dream)life. 

Individuals: One hour session 100 euro (also available per skype)

Sessions for business (people): price on request