Frequently Asked Questions.

Is Liz La Force an artist name or your real name?†

My name by birth is (E) lisabeth La Fors. When I was young, everybody started to call me Liz, therefore Liz. My last name comes from a village in France, called La Force. During the years, the ce became an s. I just adjusted it back to its origin so to speak.

How did you get to Ibiza?

At the end of 2012, I started to feel a clear calling to leave my home country The Netherlands. I just “knew” that I was meant to live somewhere else. Did not know where though at that time. Therefore, after selling all I owned (except some valuables and cloths) I began a world travel.   And although I saw some amazing places which did feel like home, my intuition told me to move on. After 1,5 years of traveling I came back to the Netherlands. Just in time, because my dearest mother died three weeks after my arrival. The Universe knows all and takes such great care for us, when we let It.

I was offered a small cabin in the woods that I took with gratitude, because it brought me the opportunity to digest all that had happened to me in a grounding beautiful surrounding with the nurture of mother Earth.

There one morning I woke up with this song: We are going to Ibiza. After my question about what the next move would be. At first, I felt not attracted to this direction. Ibiza in my experience was this party island. However, as it goes, the messages kept on coming. And I began to understand that I really needed to check this out. The moment I booked my ticket, I somehow began to feel this was going to be my new home.

After I landed on Ibiza, it took only 20 hours to definitely feel and decide to stay. I found my new house and car 5 hours later. And so my new adventure began.

At this moment I am planning to leave the island again for a new adventure. Follow my inner guidance as always. Will be working her until end of September 2017.

Have you been doing this work for a long time?

Unofficially yes my whole life. I have always had the gift of healing and been a highly sensitive person. Being able to sense, know or feel the energy field surrounding a person of object by connecting with them either personally, or at distance.

Officially no, just started to work as a healer on my world travel. Did have a practice in Acupuncture combined with healing 15 years ago in Amsterdam and Breda. However, not on the level I am working right now. After having my practice 15 years ago, I realized that I first needed to do my own inner work to get access to the huge power I could experience inside, but somehow could not yet express in my work and life.

I was asked almost immediately after this realization to work at a University as a teacher in Management skills and later as a trainer/coach in business. Therefore, while I was doing my inner work I was able to expand and grow in my skills of teaching.

After working as a teacher/trainer for 8 years, I could feel that I had reached a point where I needed to start sharing my inner power and knowledge with others. It even felt like this power would otherwise explode inside of me and bring damage to my body.

That is when I started my world travel with the intention to see what would happen when I was “just” myself. Instantly I attracted people on my path for healing and guidance. That is what I have been doing ever since.

How do you work?

Although I work intuitively and do not know in the beginning of a session what will happen. As every person has different needs. Or is at a different stage in his/her development. There is a certain pattern in my work at this moment.

My work has three phases. It first grounds the person. Most of us are more in our head than in our body.  To be able to connect with our core we need to be in our body. Therefore, I first reconnect the soul energy to the body.

Then we start to work on the sub consciousness level: stories or negative imprints caused by pains and fears hidden in your body. By touching the body and mostly pressure points on the body, I am able to release these imprints and/or reprogram them.

When all the stories thatyour spirit can release at this moment have left the body. You can connect easier with your divine power, love and strength. Your vibration rises and you can access your authenticity and empowerment. And start to create new adventures.

The last step in my treatment is to bring your head, heart and hands into alignment. So they can work perfectly together to fulfil your dreams, intentions on this planet.

Do you get tired by doing the healing work?

No, I do not.

During my sessions, I totally surrender to and connect with a higher aspect of myself. The energy of this aspect flows through me and does the work. This energy is a different kind of energy than my physical will power energy.

In the old days when I was less conscious, my work did take my own energy. That had a lot to do with the desire to change, save the world, the other.  I was still caught in the third dimension and all the drama it contains. Therefore, the stories that I was able to see and feel did effect my own system too.
Nowadays my work is coming forth out of a heartfelt wish to serve others on their path to full awareness of their being.  There is no desire to change anything anymore. Just to love all. I can go beyond the stories and connect with the higher purpose of our lives and actions.

My love, forgiveness and empathy has grown into a huge power that brings light to the darkest places. Simply because I have been there myself already. I have faced my darkest places. I got to know myself and therefore am able to see, feel and touch others with the Love that I met in my own darkness.

What was the moment you woke up?

There has always been the realization that we are more than this body and a certain contact with other dimensions and the Divine.

In a past life I studied business economics and at the age of 24 I collapse while biking home. I was bound to my bed for the next couple of years.

A perfect time, since my body and mind were not functioning anymore as they did, to reconnect with my extra sensitivity and intuition.The process of healing from this illness took me about 13 years. Years in which I learned a lot about the body, mind and soul connection.  Years where I spent a lot of time in silence.

In these years, I re-discovered my ability to heal. I was taught by inner guidance and teachers divers’ techniques to heal. Later I started to do the inner child work and reconnected with multi-dimensional parts of myself by out of body experiences.

I kept most of these experiences for myself.  First because they seemed normal and not worth mentioning. Real spiritual practice, as I still see it, is to live our own truth and to integrate our experiences in our daily life.  As I started to notice that sharing my way of living did inspire others, I decided to open my “book”.

My life has known many life-changing events.  Almost all that are in the book of life. Some would call my life dramatic. To me it was and is the greatest teacher I could have wished for. Although it was not always easy, now I can see how these life events have helped me to reconnect with my inner power, true self. How they have taught me perseverance, patience, forgiveness and (un)conditional love. How they have cleansed my heart and open me up for another way of living.

I have experienced the power that is in me (all of us) and therefore, I know my path continues, my growth, my expansion. No beginning, no end. Happy to be both a teacher and a student.    

Should you have more questions feel free to ask them.