Vivid dreaming

Since I am young I have vivid dreams.

And later on I learnt to use them to become more conscious.

Like most of you will know our dreams show us our sub consciousness.

In a symbolic language the dreams tell you what is calling your attention.


A fear, a grief, a pain, an emotion.

While in day consciousness we can suppress or ignore things

In the night our demons or angels come along.

We can never really hide from ourselves.


Not everybody remembers dreams.

But you can train it when you would like to.

Before you go to sleep ask your intuition/guidance

a specific question or to help you remember your dream


Just lay a notebook and pen next to your bed.

And when you wake up and remember a dream

Write it down.

You can find the meaning of dreams online or of course ask your intuition what it means.


At first it can be quite chaotic in your dreams.

Different stories intertwined.

Or realities.

But it will get clearer the more you start to work with it.


I have noticed that next to subconscious dreams we can also have dreams that predict or dreams

that teach you something you/ gives you wisdom you can use the next day/week. So there is a

whole universe open for you to explore in your dreams.

A state where we are more receptive than in day time, where most of us are pre occupied with all kinds of things.


Have fun exploring this dream university of life!