A short story


Anna has been travelling for years by herself.

Now she is standing in front of the castle.

Waiting a moment before she will enter her destiny.


When she enters, she is warmly welcomed by a whole group of people.

They have prepared a bath for her. With warm water and rose essence. They help her undress and she slides into the water. Which immediately relaxes her body and mind.

A woman starts to brush her hair. Another woman massages her feet and hands. She goes deeper and deeper into relaxation. Feeling love(d), and grateful. When she feels recharged.


She steps out of the bad and into the royal blue gown the women are holding up for her.

They guide her to a door, which she opens and she enters a large room

Where she sees a king waiting for her on a throne.

He stands up with admiration for her being

And comes towards her to greet her


They sit down at their thrones and observe the people dancing before them

All aspects of themselves.

Aspects of her, aspects of him, dancing together, exchanging energies

But on the side there are still two aspects sitting by themselves, naked.


Anna and the king stand up and go toward them

“Why are you sitting here alone?”

I am your aspect of total openness.

But I have the feeling the other

is not going to like and accept me as I am


Anna and the king take them to the middle of the dance floor

And invite them to look in each other’s eyes

First a little bit shy and feeling awkward

But then they feel the total acceptance of themselves


They hug and start to dance

Their dance, their energy merging, is elevating the whole space

All the other couples feel it and start to laugh and dance ecstatic


Anna and the king smile and start to dance too

There is no longer two or many

There is only one left in the room