Leaving behind

When 6 months ago I felt it was time to move on

I could not have imagined what kind of a process I was led into


My guidance spoke to me, telling me to let go

Of all that I have been doing, my concepts about my work and myself


To return to a zero point

From where a new form new identity

Could come to me


Not based upon a past

But upon who I am NOW


Since than I have been facing many old concepts and beliefs about myself

They all passed by

Some briefly some a bit longer


Although I had seen them before

This time many left for good

Leaving behind an emptiness


I started to experience more and more space

New information started to come to me


My body needed a lot of rest to keep up

As if all my cells were reprogrammed


And slowly I started to “see” a new path

Inspiration coming to me

New people literally coming to me for co-operation


Just a few weeks for my moving

I am feeling that I am almost ready

To move on


To take the next step

It has been a crazy last 6 months

With all that happened in me


But I survived, like the I always does

Became stronger, and wilder

More open and receptive

To life


Curious for what more it will bring

Grateful for what it already has brought