I am good enough

What I started to notice is that we either are rooted in I am go(o)d or we have a core belief that we are not go(o)d enough and feel somehow lost. Trying to find our way back.

Most of us have the latter. It is there deep down. Hidden under many survival patterns.

·       The perfectionist

·       The manipulator

·       The controller

·       The hard worker

·       The pleaser

·       The good girl/boy

·       The addict

·       The loner


They all are protectors, covering this core belief. The belief that you as you are, not good enough.

Often this belief started at a very young age. It took you away from your (self) love. Making it hard to receive and give love freely. Thinking you need to be better, improved, changed to be ready for love to find you. Forgetting that love is already there. Standing in front of your door. Waiting for you to let it in again. It has never left. You were the one that closed the door. By thinking you are not good enough. By cutting yourself off from this endless love.

This core belief comes forth out of a deep pain of not being seen or heard. Which also tells us what this core belief/aspect needs the most for healing: To be seen and heard. By you. You probably are doing all kind of self help/development/improve methods or exercises. To bypass this core pain and belief.

But what you truly need is to connect with this aspect. That is feeling so alone, unseen and unloved. Let it feel it is loved. Let it know it is seen. Let it BE.

There is nothing to change. You are perfect as you are. You are loved as you are. The moment you start to return to being you. The moment you start to love yourself again, all of you. Everything will change though.

You will start to see, receive and enjoy all the (love) gifts and guidance that were on your doorstep all this time. You will break open and free. You will be(come) a free expression of your beautiful self. You will be go(o)d again.