How love can change a life

Two children Angel and Bryan are living in the same village, going to the same school, attending different classes. Angel is in the class of Miss Genius and Bryan is in the class of Miss. Heartfelt. They are both ten years old. Since the age of six they have been friends, playing together after school and in the weekends. Although the two had many similarities in character when they started to go to school. They now seem to be totally different. Bryan has developed into a bright, open, joyful and self-confident boy and Angel has become a quiet, insecure, and shy boy.

One evening their parents come together to talk about this development which is starting to affect the friendship between Angel and Bryan. At first they compare their parenting. The way they raise their children is about the same, based on the same human values and beliefs and with the same kind of love. Then they start to compare the teaching methods of Miss Genius and Miss Heartfelt.

The latter starts the day with the children in silence. For a few minutes they all sit in silence and after reflect on their feelings. They share with each other how they feel and when somebody feels good, they are all happy for him or her. When somebody feels sad, afraid or worried, they show their compassion and let him or her feel that he is supported and his/her feeling is acknowledged by the group. After this session they start their normal class. Miss Heartfelt is a warmhearted inspiring woman, who has invested time and energy in knowing herself, her relationship with others and has a passion for her job as a teacher. Her youth was a happy one, where her parents were always supportive. Their slogan was follow your heart and be happy. 

Miss Genius has graduated with high grades at the faculty of education. She always knows a solution for everything. Every morning she is eager to start with her class to teach more math, geography and history. Knowledge is power is her slogan. She has had a tough youth and is pushed by her own parents to be the best in everything. Failure has never been an option and this is also how she treats her pupils. The bright kids are put in front of the class and the less bright and sometimes more sensitive are put in the back. Miss Genius finds the more sensitive, like Angel, very annoying, since her emotional intelligence is low and she doesn't know how to deal with them. With the smart kids she can level easily, so she gives them as much attention as she can. She tries to avoid to talk about emotions and feelings in her class. When a child is crying, she tells him or her to stop and be brave. She like Miss Heartfelt has a great passion for her work. Her passion is driven by ambition.

The parents of Angel and Bryan are starting to see, by analyzing the different styles of teaching, that the teaching of Miss Heartfelt is much more open, challenging and supportive than the method of Miss Genius, which is more focused on results. While Miss Heartfelt method contains both love and law and is based on human values. The results of her class are higher than in Miss Genius class and fewer children have been sick in this last school year in her class. So it seems clear to the parents that the method of Miss Heartfelt is more effective, healthy and successful.

They realize they need to speak with the director of the school about this. They want to encourage him to implement the method of Miss Heartfelt into all classes. She can be a great mentor to the other teachers.

Two different teachers both with great passion for their work, but with different background and social and emotional development. Since they are working with fragile youth their characters and values affect the children they teach. And so these children are developing either into healthy emotionally stable youngsters or into unsecure, frightened, dis-balanced kids. When they grow up and are going to be parents and/or teachers themselves the cycle continues.

The only moment for change is now.

We have a responsibility towards the next generation, it was us who created the world they are facing right now. So let us give them all the support, guidance and teaching they need to be able to live their lives in happiness, prosperity and health. It is possible, we only need to open up to it.

Do you recognize yourself as a parent, teacher or director in Ms. Heartfelt or Ms. Genius?