Change will come...

Yesterday in a session a client told me she was sometimes drawn to smoking a cigarette.

An old habit. She looked at me with big questions marks: That is bad right?….looking at me to confirm this thought. But in the state I was in…there was no judgement only love…and in came this other perspective on why she was drawn towards this “old” habit.

As some of us are growing very rapidly right now towards a higher vibration.

Our bodily system sometimes needs us desperately to relax to be able to integrate all these higher vibrations (the body is the last system to do so, after the spiritual, emotional and mental one) without a burn-out.

In her case her intuition knew that one way to relax her was motivating her to smoke a cigarette. When we can trust our intuition to guide us (in this case it used a habit that her body/brain recognized and used in the past to relax) we will be guided through this process in the best possible way for us.

Relaxation is very important in this whole process. And of course you can find out for yourself which way suits you best. Some ways I use are: watching comedies, meditation, dancing, singing, dinner with friends, sports, walks etc.

Since our spirits/souls often wish to go fast, and are going fast. But sometimes faster than our body can follow up. It all comes down to again feeling what we need in the moment instead of thinking or getting stuck in a belief system that no longer suits your path right here and now.

There is no good or bad. And there is no highway. There are many ways to Rome as there are to liberation. And honestly who can truly say that he/she is free. Most of us are still stuck in all kinds of belief systems.

Therefor let love guide you…and surprise you. It does surprise me each time again. With its innovative, new and/or unconventional ideas.

And as my client said wisely after her session…the only thing that is certain is change itself. So let us be open for change (in our beliefs and habits)….in whatever form its comes.