Since my birth, I have been blessed with a strong intuition and healing gift. Healing occurs by the transmission of love energy.


An inner journey, Back to myself.

By connecting with this love energy field healing occurs. Sometimes just by being close to the person in matter, other times by touching them on certain parts of their body.

When I got older - I saw this gift as a burden more than a blessing. So I wandered off into a more “normal” life, so to speak. In 2012, I started to feel that I was not being true to myself and to others.

After a long inner journey back to my authentic self, I knew it was time to get real. So I quit my professional job as a trainer/coach, sold my possessions and left the Netherlands to travel the world and to experience how it would be, to be plain, simple and without any cover ups.

Throughout my travels I started to experience that by being just me, I was attracting others in need for guidance without any effort from my part.


The law of attraction.

I was attracting others in need for guidance without any effort from my part. I witnessed how “my” gift was bringing joy, love and healing to them. The people I met, the businesses I entered and connected with, they all began to experience transformational changes within a short period of time.

And I began to see that it was time. Time to accept myself for who I truly am, and to start sharing all my gifts and talents with others without any exclusions. I knew that I had grown physically, emotionally, and spiritually. So now it was time to let go of my fear of failure and rejection. And so I stepped into this new field of consciousness.


Coming home.

I can personally tell you, that since then my life hasn’t been the same! I was introduced by my inner guidance to new dimensions. I was taught new healing forms next to the ones I had already learned and finally was drawn to the island of, Ibiza.

Upon arrival, I immediately sensed that this would become my new home. A place where lived for 3 years and which brought me a deep understanding of my healing work. By giving individual healing sessions, retreats and workshops. 

In 2017 again I felt it was time to move. This time back to my home country after 5 years of absence. A new beginning. Having integrated the past into now. Being able to embody my inner power in my every day life. Nowadays I am working around the globe sharing my love in what ever way I can.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and for exploring this website. I look very much forward to hearing from you.

With love,