Customized 1-on-1 Retreat

Always wanted to try a retreat, but do not feel like experiencing this in a group? Than this specially developed one-on-one retreat can be perfect for you!

Together we make the program perfectly fit to your wishes and (life) questions at this moment. 

This retreat originated when Liz noticed that whenever somebody would be in her surrounding for a longer period of time, things would start to happen to them. Processes would start, life questions would pop up, and healing would begin spontaneously. During the sessions, Liz will facilitate and guide you through your transformation. There is no better place to experience this than on the beautiful island of Ibiza.


  • Morning sessions
  • Fully customized program
  • Meditation, visualization, healing, and (walking) coaching
  • Free time to explore the island
  • 4 nights’ accommodation
  • Extra features: detox, yoga, massage, sport on the beach or spa treatments.


  • Prices on request. Depending on the location/country.
  • Includes: accommodation (own room and bathroom, organic breakfast, 5 sessions with Liz)
  • Excludes: flight, insurance, airport transport, other meals and extra features



Day 1 arrival and welcome

Introduction session: setting intentions

Day 2 -4  Morning sessions with Liz

Day 5 Farewell.  

End Session: How to keep your vibrations high.






self empowerment course 

For those interested in learning more about tuning into their highest potential. Liz has developed a course. Based on her own experience and continuing learning process. 

Liz is able to tune into the group or person doing the course. Which enables her to give them the teaching and directions they need in the moment. 

This makes her teaching to the point, clear and very useful. 

This course is given on request only. And can also be given by skype. Just send her a message.