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guidance towards your self.

Would you like to follow the path of joy?

Everybody has the ability to transform into the highest version of himself. I love to guide you in this process of transformation. 

By being a katalysator for this process. In individual sessions, and 1 on 1 retreats.

Read & discover more about me, and how I can be of service to you.

Inside of all of us there is this enormous source of love and wisdom. Some call it our core, others call it god, and others call it the universe. Reconnected with this source again we find our path of joy!


power sessions

I offer personal guidance sessions. Where I tune into you, listen with my heart, ask the questions that come to me while listening and hold the space for your transformation.


New! Since 2017 Get Real in Business focuses on Executives, teams and organization. More on www.getrealinbusiness.com


Book me as a speaker

As an international speaker I inspire and motivate organizations and people, to reach their full potential That is my goal.

1on 1 retreat/self empowerment course

1-on-1 Retreats/Self Empowerment course On request I give intimate exclusive 1- on-1 retreats and self empowerment courses.



My latest blogs.

10% of my profit goes directly to charity.


supporting and training the youth of tomorrow

With 10% of the profit we train youngsters all over the world who do not have the financial resources to come to a retreat or event of Liz La Force. 

Liz is very happy to share her love and life/work experience with these youngsters. It has always been her passion to pay forward. 

Nowadays many youngsters are in a need of love and guidance. To be able to develop into their most beautiful version. To be the leaders of tomorrow in an ever expanding world.

Should you wish for Liz to come to your project to give a training just send an email to lizlaforce@kpnplanet.nl with your request. And we will get back to you as soon as possible.